Choosing The Best Lawn Sweeper

Choosing the best lawn sweeper is important. Some questions you’ll want to ask yourself are:

• What will you be picking up with the yard sweeper?
• Do you have a lawn tractor?
• How big is your yard?
• How much storage do you have?
• Do you need a leaf mulcher?
• How much do you want to spend?
• Do you prefer a tow behind or push lawn sweeper?

The best choice is always going to be the one that fits many of the above categories. Many people enjoy the larger hamper sized lawn sweepers but do not take into consideration the storage space needed store them. Especially since, depending on where you live, the sweeper may be a seasonal piece of lawn equipment. Will the large hamper or hopper capacity and width be worth the trade off for valuable storage space?

Another area of consideration is your expectations. Are you wanting to pickup leaves? Do you have several pine trees that are shedding their needles constantly that you need the sweeper to pick up? What about pine cones, are they small or large cones?

If you’re not even sure what a lawn sweeper is, check out What is a Lawn Sweeper to get started. If you’re already sure of your needs, check out the different categories we have listed here. We’re consistently updating the list and searching out the best reviews on each product in all categories.

Main Advantages of a Lawn Sweeper

It’s always good to remember that lawn sweepers (sometimes called; garden sweeper, yard sweeper, and turf sweeper) are a good alternative to gas powered sweepers. They’re better for the environment (the manual push ones obviously) and you don’t have to worry about fussing with gas/oil mixtures! Additionally, leaf blowers only move the leaves which mean you still have to collect them anyway. Not so with the lawn sweeper or leaf vacuum, so you’re saving yourself a step. Another great advantage is that they pretty much sweep your lawn. So you don’t get piles of grass and leaves which can kill the grass in those areas.

Types of Lawn Sweepers

There are two main types of lawn sweepers, the tow behind lawn sweeper and push lawn sweeper. Now you may also hear this equipment referred to as a yard sweeper as well, but they’re basically the same thing; meaning they sweep your yard or lawn.

Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper

A tow behind sweeper is, shockingly, towed behind something. Most often you’ll see these made to be pulled or towed behind a garden/lawn tractor or even an ATV. I know some schools in my area use ATV’s to tow lawn sweepers over their turf fields to pick up leaves and debris, we review the Parker Suburbanite Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper which is advertised for turf professionals. It’s pretty darn expensive though and is in our over $800 category which puts it out of reach for most common home owners.

One of the benefits of the tow-behind is, depending on the model, you can dump the hopper without leaving the seat of your tractor. Although make sure you check the features because some of these do not offer this and honestly, I don’t see getting one that doesn’t have this feature. Tow behind yard sweepers also take up a lot more room to store and maneuver around the yard so you’ll need a yard which allows for the wide turning radius of some of these sweepers.

Push Lawn Sweeper

Push yard sweepers are manually operated, meaning by you the person using it. These are eco-friendly types of garden tools. If you’re into the eco-thing, you should also check out the cordless hedge trimmer or the cordless leaf blower. These are the most commonly used sweepers as they can be purchased pretty inexpensively. Most of these models do pretty well and take up less space to store and do pretty much the same thing as their tow-behind counterparts. Although smaller, they still can take up quite a bit of space in the garage although some do fold down for easier storage. Some of these are even light enough to hang on the wall or from hooks in your garage or shed. The main thing to think about when looking at tow behind sweepers is how much hopper or hamper capacity to you want. Obviously there are other considerations such as construction, warranty, price, etc, but hopper capacity is important. Also, whether or not the sweeper is easily pushed as the hopper fills with leaves. This is when better construction comes into play.

Before You Purchase

The main point to remember when choosing a lawn sweeper is to take into consideration the bulleted points listed above. Making the right choice for your expectations will ensure you get the most value and use out of your purchase. And be sure to check out some lawn sweeper reviews.

Getting the right tool for the job is essential, especially in yard work. No one likes to work harder than they have to right?

Other Considerations and thoughts on yard sweepers and lawn care

It is always a good idea take into consideration what happens when you leave dead grass and leaves on your lawn. Think about it, grass is a plant and needs oxygen and sunlight to grow healthy. When we leave dead grass and leaves on our lawn, we’re depriving the growing grass of needed air and sunlight. After years of this the soil and can become compacted; which you can then use a lawn aerator to loosen up the soil and allow it to breath again.  Have you ever left a garden hose or something piled on your lawn? Only to move it later and find that the grass is discolored and dying underneath? Any type of yard sweeper or blower is going to help your lawn breathe better thus making it healthier. You may also consider something like a yard or lawn vacuum. Most of these work just like a vacuum, from hand held, push, to riding, some of them even double as wood chippers.

Even if you have to use a hand rake, clearing old debris off of your lawn is only going to make it healthier. Obviously we like the yard sweepers here because that’s what we’re all about, but in the long run we all want a healthy green lawn. So not matter how you get there, just remember to keep it clear of things that block sunlight, air, and water. Also keep in mind that yard and lawn sweepers work best on level, even lawns. Lawns with large ruts, mounds, or roots obviously don’t work as well. Which brings up another problem you may have if you’re looking how to get rid of moles.  There are ways you can level out your lawn and using a lawn roller may be something you’ll want to consider if your lawn has some big bumps in it.

Top Rated Lawn Sweepers

Taking a look at the bulleted list above, the top rated yard sweeper will be different depending on your needs. According to customer reviews from Home Depot, the Brinly 42 In. Lawn Sweeper received the best reviews.