Best Way to Kill Weeds

best way to kill weedsAs long as there are flowers and flower beds, there will be weeds to go along with them. Even the best gardeners in the world can’t completely escape this problem, and most of us are always on the lookout for the best way to kill weeds. The good news is that there are numerous ways to do so. When it comes to weed eradication, you can opt to go the chemical route or the natural route. If there are children in the household, the use of chemical-free products is highly recommended.

To prevent weeds from coming up in the first place, line your flower beds with plastic sheeting, seven to ten layers of newspaper, or even old shower curtains. This should last for the entire season and helps prevent weeds from taking hold. This method won’t completely eliminate pesky weeds. However, it greatly reduces their chance of survival.

If you happen to have old pieces of carpet lying around, they can also be used to keep weeds out of your flowers. Cut them into strips. Position each strip upside down in the dirt, and cover with mulch.

You can make your own weed killer using vinegar, salt, and dish detergent.  For a smaller area, partially fill a bucket with one to two tablespoons of vinegar for each gallon of water you add. Add water, measuring accordingly. (To kill small weeds, each gallon of water should contain one tablespoon vinegar. To kill large weeds, each gallon of water should contain 2 tablespoons vinegar.) Mix in ½ cup of salt and ½ tablespoon dish detergent. Stir. The vinegar and the salt actually kill the weedsm and the dish detergent simply acts as a bonding agent that helps to combine the two ingredients together.

Pour the liquid into a spray bottle. To cover a larger area quickly, pour the liquid into a sprayer. Hold the bottle approximately two feet away from the weeds that you intend to kill. Spray them until they are wet but not dripping.

You can protect flowers or plants from getting sprayed by cutting off the bottom of a large plastic soda bottle. Place it over an individual plant. Insert the spray nozzle into the top of the bottle and spray. Repeat the process with each plant.

Several other well-known products can be sprayed on weeds to kill them. This includes vodka and WD-40. Mix approximately one ounce of vodka and several drops of dish detergent into two cups of water. Spray the weeds until they are extremely wet. This vodka mixture works best when used on weeds that are located in direct sunlight. The alcohol in the vodka breaks down the waxy covering on the stem and leaves, causing the weed to quickly dehydrate in the hot sun. This method won’t work in shady areas. WD-40 is a super convenient weed killer, because you spray it on weeds right out of the can. What could be simpler than that?

Remember, to avoid eye or skin irritation, always wear safety glasses and gloves when doing any type of spraying, and especially when you are using harsh chemicals. This covers just a few of many weed killing techniques. It is up to you to ultimately decide the best way to kill weeds in flower beds.

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