Different Lawn Aeration Equipment

You might be surprised to learn just how many options there are when it comes to lawn aeration equipment. When many people think about this particular aspect of landscaping their minds instantly jump to aerators. This is not necessarily a bad thought. The one issue that comes up is that there is more than one type of aerator to choose from. Core aerators, for example, are among some of the most popular choices but, in a variety of manual and powered models. Then you also have to look at other options like spike aerators, also referred to as blade aerators, lawn aerator shoes, or powered coreless aerators. These are all viable options when it comes to aerating your lawn.

Even if your lawn is in relatively good health, is never a bad idea to give it an occasional aeration, especially in the spring or fall. There’s no arguing with the benefits of aeration which include, but are not limited to; improved water absorption by the roots, improved fertilizer absorption by the roots, reduced water runoff, better grass rooting, reduced compacted soil, and additional resistance to heat and drought. These are just a few of the benefits of properly aerated lawn enjoys. Once you are convinced that this treatment can directly benefit your lawn then the next question becomes: what is the best piece of lawn aeration equipment for you?

Starting with core aerators is a good idea. Among most lawn care specialists this is the most popular option because studies have shown a full 25% increase in the amount of nutrients, fertilizer, and water that reaches the root system when a core aerator is used as opposed to other equipment. Another benefit of going with this type of design is that it does not compact the soil the way that some spike or blade aerators have been known to do. Compacting the soil can counter some of the positive benefits under mentor, was lawn aeration.

The question then becomes whether or not you want to use a manual core aerator or if you want to go with the powered version. For a very small lawn the manual core aerator is often more than enough and can be especially useful when dealing with uneven and bumpy ground. However if you have a large lawn to take care of the there’s no argument that the powered version of the core aerator will get the job done about 10 times faster than the manual tool. If you don’t want to buy powered version the good news is that there are many places which offer lawn aeration equipment rental and the powered lawn core aerator is one of the most popular models to rent.

That’s not to say that the spike or bladed aerator is not a popular choice among homeowners. One of the major benefits of this type of lawn aeration equipment is that it has a low cost and is available at most hardware and lawn care stores. This tool works by using a round blade which has spikes in it. As the spike aerator is pulled around blade rotates and pokes holes in the ground. In some cases when a person has a lawn that sees frequent thatch problems and other issues then they may choose to buy a spike aerator to keep up on maintenance and then rent thatch removal and more serious powered lawn aerators once or twice a year.

Finally, although they are not the most effective method properly aerating your lawn, there are many stores which do sell lawn aeration shoes. These would fall under the category of spike aerators because they are most often a flat panel which goes under your shoe with spikes at the bottom and two Velcro straps on top to connect your foot. By wearing these you can walk around your lawn and give it some of the aeration benefits it needs without really having to go out of your way. This is especially useful if you have a push lawnmower and so you can kill two birds with one stone. While this option might be popular, it is not going to have the same lasting benefits as a larger and more well designed aeration machine. If you choose to use this method as your sole way of aerating the lawn is a good idea to at least once a year pay the money for a long aeration equipment rental and get a powered core aerator.

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