Electric and Cordless Hedge Trimmers

You can care for your lawn and garden in an environmentally friendly manner with a cordless hedge trimmer. Not only will cordless hedge trimmers allow you to eliminate the need for electricity while you trim the hedges, but you also have more freedom in mobility and safety without worrying about the cord. A cordless hedge trimmer can run on gas or batteries but still offers the same amount of power found in any other electric trimmer.

For instance, a gas hedge trimmer has both mobility and enough power to cut through branches about an inch thick. However, some gas trimmers are heavy, noisy and emit exhaust fumes even though they are compliant with clean-air standards. Still, they are reliable, particularly when it comes to the double sided and double reciprocating blades like those found in many other corded hedge trimmers. If the cons outweigh the pros in the case of a gas-operated trimmer, you may be better off looking for a trimmer that operates on batteries.

A battery hedge trimmer is usually lightweight, quiet and powerful, but some are not as powerful as a corded trimmer. Unlike other trimmers, they may only be effective with branches that are less than half an inch thick. Furthermore, some of the best brands of cordless hedge trimmers that operate on batteries suffer from a diminished battery life over time, but they may run on a 12-volt or an 18-volt battery that occasionally needs recharging. You want to be sure the battery is removable and keep a spare battery around just in case. Still, these models of trimmers tend to start up with little effort which is great for those who do not have much experience with electric trimmers.

The blades of electric trimmers are actually quite reliable as they move in opposite directions to reduce vibration and help minimize fatigue along with the device’s light weight. Some may be up to 22 inches long so they offer a good reach without having to pull on a cord. There are other trimmers with 18 inch blades of stainless steel that are just as powerful. Also, the hand guard and safety trigger switch add a little extra security so that you can focus on the hedges.

If you get a cordless hedge trimmer that comes with a rechargeable battery, you may need to charge it for nearly ten hours before the first use. Afterwards, you may have to charge it for about three to six hours to get full-powered use from it. However, there are brands such as the Worx Cordless hedge trimmers that come with a quick charge battery that can charge fully in 1 hour. You can use the trimmer for nearly an hour, about 45 to 50 minutes, and cut about 1200 square feet of hedge in the duration. Some trimmers may even offer 65 minutes of cutting time on a single charge. Still, you want to be careful about how often you charge the machine and how much time you let lapse between charging. Furthermore, you are very likely to get a smooth and level cut with this type of trimmer.

There are even telescopic models of electric hedge trimmers that give you extra extension with just the touch of a button. Many are also ergonomically designed so that you can more easily use them. In fact, cordless hedge trimmers continue to evolve to make them easier to handle. They are becoming more lightweight, easier to charge and more enduring in their battery life. The battery-operated models are your best bet if you prefer a device that is eco-friendly and does not require you to deal with gas. You can also cut down on your electricity bill since you do not have to plug the device in except when it is charging.

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