Electric and Cordless Leaf Blowers

As technology advances, manufacturers have found new and innovative ways to make the same sorts of household appliances in battery operated and electrical versions.  Take a leaf blower for example and the numerous models of cordless leaf blower now available on the market.  All the common applications for a traditional leaf blower can be done with the cordless.  Battery operated devices like these are more environmentally friendly than their gas powered and electrical counterparts and performance is not compromised.  There is also a significant cost gap among electric and gas powered models.  Electric blowers tend to be the more economical choice. We’ll take a quick look at two of the best battery operated leaf blowers we’ve come across as of late.

Remington Blower — 18V Li-Ion Battery, 125 MPH, Sale $119.99

The first one is the Remington 18V Li-Ion Battery operated leaf blower. This workhorse has a nice weighted design that makes it easy to carry while using. With 125 MPH of blower speed, making it capable of keeping up with most any other 18V blower out there; plus, more MPH then the WORX competitor below. The Remington comes with a 2 year warranty for both parts and labor.

The Amazingly Powerful Lithium WorxAIR™ 18V Blower/Sweeper

Lithium WorxAIR™ 18V Blower/Sweeper 3-5 hour charge time

Our featured blower as of late is from the amazing people at WORX tools. This little lithium power-house can keep blowing leaves for 3 to 5 hours on one charge. With the advent of the Lithium battery and incorporating them into power tools, we get extended time and increased power. The WorxAIR™ 18V blower spins up 120 MPH of air and works great for cleaning out your garage, carport, or leaves off decks and most any surface. What’s more, weighing under 5 pounds means it’s easy to carry and goes anywhere you go. The ergo design is extremely comfortable to hold as well. The directional air nozzle means reaching under and around hard to reach places is a breeze. We’ve heard and seen nothing but good marks for this blower/sweeper from Worx. This little kit normally sales for $149 but is offered here for a great deal at [aprice asin=’B002MAPZTW’].

How is a cordless leaf blower used?
A traditional leaf blower is used for blowing leaves and other lawn refuse into another location using high-powered wind generated by the device.  A cordless version does exactly the same thing as the traditional model and it is only the mode of powering the device which makes it differ from the gas powered or electric powered versions.  An electric leaf blower can be used to blow around leaves, grass clippings, dirt, and anything else that would normally be done with a leaf blower.  Another difference with electric versions is that if they are corded, users will have to move a long extension cord around.  If it is a battery operated blower, users simply walk around freely until finished or the battery needs recharging or replacing.

Safer for the environment

For obvious reasons, a battery powered leaf blower is more ecologically friendly than a gas powered version.  Gas powered versions create carbon monoxide the same as any vehicle on the road and other types of internal combustion engines.  Using gasoline to do something as simple as moving around yard waste does not make sense.  Battery operated or electric leaf blowers are either plugged into an electrical outlet or the battery charged on one before use.  While this still has to use an energy source that impacts the environment, it is not as

profound an impact as using gas and the energy is already flowing into your home.  Gas models also use some type of oil to lubricate the engine components.  The use of oil in any form impacts the environment in the same ways.

Power does not have to be sacrificed

Early models of electrical substitutes of lawn equipment were not very popular because they were not as powerful or as durable as traditional models.  Leaf blowers that are powered by electricity have come a long way and many models are just as powerful, if not more so, than traditional gas powered blowers.  For instance, the Black & Decker electric cordless blower can blow air at speeds of 200 miles per hour.  In contrast, the Husqvarna 28cc gas blower can only reach speeds of 170 miles per hour for almost triple the price!  While there are gas

powered blowers that are far superior to electric models, this illustrates that electric models can keep up with or even beat their comparable gas counterparts.

How big are the batteries in these things?

One might think that a relatively large battery is needed to power this type of equipment effectively however they are no larger than a cordless drill battery.  Many models of electric

or battery operated leaf blowers use 18-volt NiCad batteries that can be charged in as little as a few hours.  Batteries either slide in sideways or plug straight into the blower.  Replacement or backup batteries are often available from the manufacturer of the blower for around 20 to 30 dollars.  Battery life after charge depends on the amount of use however, most can provide power for a few straight hours.

There is a variety of outdoor appliances that manufacturers have managed to build an electric version.  Factors like power and durability are no longer an issue and many models can be even more effective than their gas powered counterparts.  Using a cordless leaf blower is much more environmentally friendly because it does not burn ozone eating and pollution causing gasoline.  Who knows the number of barrels that could be saved if everyone used an electric version of their favorite lawn equipment as opposed to gas-powered models?  Battery operated versions are easy to use and can operate for hours on end before needing a recharge or battery replacement.  Another benefit to electric models is that they are typically a fraction of the cost of gas-operated blowers.

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