Examining Manual Core Aerators

Anyone who wants to take the next step to having a fantastic lawn should look at renting a manual core aerator. Lawn care specialists know the power and results that can be achieved from proper aeration of your lawn. While this practice might seem funny to some people, there’s no argument that aerated lawns generally look much better than those that are not. Just a few benefits of this practice include more oxygen in the soil, more fertilizer reaching the roots, better water absorption, and loosening of tight soil. All of these benefits directly lead to more food and fuel getting to the roots of your lawn and given those roots the room they need to expand and grow in a healthy manner. When it comes to do-it-yourself lawn aeration, you have to make the choice between manual lawn aerators or power aerators.

Many people choose to go with the manual option because these tools are easy to use, very effective, and the powered versions tend to be commercial models, which are much more expensive to rent or buy. The manual tool is one that you use all standing up and has between two and four hollow cylinders that get plunged into the soil and when you pull the tool out you should see the cylinder shaped holes as well as the small cores of soil and grass, which were just removed from the ground. What might surprise some people is that there are many different designs for manual core aerators. This includes classic models that are often the most popular because they are simple. These are sometimes also referred to as handheld aerators and they should have at least a foot long handle that makes it much easier to push down into the soil and get your weight behind it. That extra leverage makes the job much easier.

Manual core aerators do require some labor-intensive work and a small or medium-size lawn can take anywhere from an hour to two hours to complete full aeration. However, these tools are excellent for lawns which have a lot of hills, bumps, or uneven ground which can throw off the mechanized versions of this tool. The benefit of using the manual core version of a lawn aerator is that some laboratory studies have shown up to 25% more water and food get to the root systems of a lawn when using a manual core aerator as opposed to one of the commercial versions of this lawn care tool.

This tool might be new to some people but you often find the telltale signs of lawn aeration and small towns or cities that use this tool to help make healthier grass and parks, city property, or even city cared for lawns like those you see flanking sidewalks. The most telltale signs are obviously the soil and grass cores which are kept on top of the aerated soil. This is a very common practice for trying to keep grass healthy and areas that do not get the same amount of maintenance as a person’s lawn.

A final question you might come up with when you hit the lawn care section of any local store is why is it so important to go with the manual core version? The simple answer is that the core aerators are simply the best designed and will give you the best results. Shoe aerators are often looked down upon by professional landscapers and while spike aerators might work, spike aerators also further compact the soil and pinch off roots while a core aerator has no such issues. When comparing all this information it quickly becomes easy to see that if you are going for an aerator rental that core aeration is the way to go in the manual core aerator is the best tool for the job.

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