FAQs on the Commercial Leaf Vacuum

It’s annoying enough to know that your property is filled to the brim with a lot of dead and awfully dried up leaves scattered all over the place. What’s even worse is that you only have a rake to use in trying to get rid of these unsightly things, which makes it even harder for you to clean them out of your rather large garden or backyard. You can always make use of gardening services for such matters, but why spend all of your hard earned cash on a monthly basis when you can get the job done yourself in matter of minutes? You may think such a task would be impossible, but with the commercial leaf vacuum, you can easily suck up all the leaves littered all over your lawn right into a disposable bag, making your property look like you just purchased it yesterday!

What is it?

This commercial leaf vacuum is the answer to all your property cleaning woes, allowing you to get rid of those ghastly leaves cluttered all over your lawn. They come in a variety of models, ranging from smaller units which appear somewhat similar to lawnmowers to the more heavy duty models which are very much like large tractors in appearance. These may also come with commercial leaf vacuum equipment such as mufflers or baffles to ensure that you don’t disturb your neighbors next door with such annoying noise whenever you’re cleaning your lawn.

Which one should I choose?

As stated above, these vacuum cleaners are available for purchase in different models, however you still need to make sure you buy one that suits your needs. For starters, you might want to consider buying a unit which contains enough power to take care of all the leaves scattered all over your property. There is a 2 stroke vacuum which is more than adequate for the maintenance of small yards, but if you’ve got a lawn which is half the size of a basketball court, then the 4 stroke engine would work best for you. Also, you need to check the vacuum’s mulching ratio, since you need to take the compression levels into consideration, especially when the leaves are being sucked all in. You want to make sure you get a unit with a high ratio, along with a metal impeller instead of a plastic one, as it is definitely more durable.

What about stability and weight?

There are some heavy duty vacuums out there that can be fastened or joined to mowers or tractors if you want to clean out wide or large areas such as fields or backyards. If you happen to be the owner of a gardening tractor, you can just purchase a commercial leaf shredder with certain attachments that allow you to use your tractor as a vacuum on wheels. If not, then you can consider purchasing some vacuums which are self-contained, making it easier for you to push them around and guide them along a certain path, similar to how you would use a lawnmower.

What are good recommendations?

As of the moment, there are two models which are highly popular – the Cyclone Rake Commercial Pro and the Tow-Behind DR Leaf & Lawn Vacuum. The Cyclone Rake model possesses a 6.5 horsepower engine, and has the ability to generate at least 25 percent more power than any other commercial vacuum in the market today. The Tow-Behind model, on the other hand, makes use of an industry-grade engine, which is manufactured with Subaru or Robin infused technology. Aside from that, it also possesses a fuel tank with a 1.61 gallon capacity and 315 gallon collector capacity, truly making it quite a formidable beast in its own right.

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