Looking at Commercial Lawn Sweepers

A commercial lawn sweeper might not be for everyone but these specialized lawn care tools find plenty of use among professional landscapers. Have you ever wondered about some the machines and tools used to keep a golf course in such pristine condition? One of the major tools that make this process much easier and much more capable of maintaining is the commercial lawn sweeper. This is not the type of tool that you use to maintain an ordinary lawn. This is a fairly expensive piece of equipment that does some heavy duty work and is most often associated with the maintenance of golf courses, professional football and baseball fields, and with any type of major sports or grass needs to be kept at a very specific and incredible level of maintenance.

The more common versions of these tools available for general lawn care can run anywhere from the $200-$800 mark depending on condition, retailer, and the specific model being looked at. Professional lawn sweepers can run much higher amounts into the thousands of dollars. However these are unnecessary for the far majority of people. For more common lawn sweepers, sometimes also referred to as turf sweepers, you will want to find consumer reports for all the models to get an idea of which ones have a good reputation and which ones have a bad reputation. Obviously it should go without saying to avoid any models that have too many complaints logged by their name. There are a lawn sweepers designed for extremely large yards, as well as specialty models which can be used to give that swept lawn or swept turf appearance to even small lawns for those home owners who want to go the extra mile.

If you are a fan of the TV show King of the Hill you’ll probably notice right away that this is the type of tool that Hank Hill would dream of. These lawn care tools are most often designed to be easily towed behind the turf and garden tractor, riding mower, or even an ATV with a rear hitch hole. This gives you many options when it comes to the actual maintenance and use of this tool. This versatility is definitely a strong selling point and makes the process of maintaining a beautiful lawn much easier than it otherwise would be.

If you are looking for the full-sized commercial lawn sweepers which are used for world class golf courses then you’ll be happy to know that they are available through retail means. However, if you are looking for the top of the line models which are considered the best around then also be prepared for the price tag to go up considerably. A simple model can often start as high as $1200 and if you were going for the big time commercial lawn sweeper then you could be looking for a model that goes as high as $3400. This makes it extremely important for you to do your homework and to make sure that you actually need a high-end commercial model before you fork out two or $3000 more than you needed to.

Each person’s situation is going to be different and the best commercial lawn sweeper might very well depend on what your specific needs are as well as what type of grass and lawn you have. There are many options available out there and while for the basic homeowner many $200 or $300 models be more than enough, the more expensive and stronger commercial lawn sweepers are available if needed.

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