Our Input On Weed Killer For Flower Beds

The only sure way to rid your flower beds of weeds without harming the flowers you worked so hard to grow, is to pull out the weeds by hand. However, you may not have the time to do so, or perhaps there are too many weeds to pull. While you can hire a neighborhood child who wants to earn some snack money, he or she may not be as careful with the flowers as they need to be. Sometimes it is practical to look into weed killer for flower beds.

The problem with weed killer is that the poison can seep into the soil and affect the roots of your flowers and other plants as well. Even natural weed killer for lawns may have adverse effects on your flowers. This is why most people paint the weeds with weed killer. Only paint the leaves of the weed. This is because the leaf is more absorbent than the root, and you will not be allowing any poison access to the soil. If you want to buy a selective killer that promises it will only kill grass or weeds, you should be careful. If the bag says that it kills grass and weeds, it is also likely to kill your flowers. Bring home the bag of weed killer that promises to just kill grass. However, before you cover your entire garden with it, use a sample on a small area so you can monitor it and make sure it does not kill your flowers.

weed killer for flower beds

On popular brand that advertises to be specifically for flower and vegetable beds is Preen Garden weed Preventer.

Mulch is a popular compromise between weed killer and manual weed pulling. The reason is that weeds that come up through mulch are easy to pluck. You can remove many of them with little to no effort. If you prefer organic methods of weed killing, there are numerous methods. Corn gluten will work as a weed suppressant, as will the use of lava rock in your flower bed. Vinegar will kill weeds, and in fact, if you mix in a shot of dishwashing detergent and spray the weeds during the warmest part of the day, you should see excellent results.

Perhaps the most natural or best way of killing weeds is to use water; boiling water. By pouring some scalding water on top of the weed you will instantly cook it to death and not have to worry about poisoning the roots of the flowers. Try not to be too harsh on the weeds, though. With a little research you will find many of them have a useful purpose. You can boil dandelion root for a tea that cleanses the toxins from your system, and plantains work well on bee stings and mosquito bites.

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