Plug Aerators for Lawns: A Must-Read!

plugaeratorIt’s summertime and there’s absolutely nothing more you would love to do than just sit by your porch, watch your kids play a bit of football, with your mini-radio playing upbeat music out loud, as you’re sipping on your fresh glass of lemonade. The ambiance of this situation would definitely be enhanced with the vibrant greens that surround your lawn, except for the fact that they appear brownish and thinned out. This simply will not do, considering you’ve been trying to come up with ways to keep the lawn look healthy. Thankfully, thanks to the progression in technology, you can now find certain equipment which will definitely give your lawn a much needed boost in vibrancy. Plug aerators are a type of aerator which is often utilized to create pores or pull plugs out of the soil in order to let air, water and other nutrients enter the soil, thus replenishing your lawn and helping it look healthy and vibrant. This makes for the ideal machine to be used when you seem to be having a rather serious problem with your lawn, especially when it looks rather dilapidated and nearly out of life. Plug aerators for lawns are definitely a must for home owners who happen to have rather large lawns, or even for those individuals who constantly need to maintain parks and fields, where there are chances that the grass may grow thick and plush-looking.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

There are two types of plug aerators which you can find in the market, namely the rolling and mechanically-driven types. Either one of these could prove useful when it comes to your ambitions to grow a lawn which is aesthetically pleasing as well as healthy, although they both have their own set of pros and cons. With rolling aerators, you can actually do a much better job in breaking up the soil and its roots, thus increasing the chances of root growth. Apart from that, they can also roll over rocks or other hard debris around the lawn without any possibility of breaking down. When it comes to the mechanically-driven type, you get the advantage of making more holes, allowing you to boost the lawn’s chances of looking much nicer. Yet, the main problem lies in the fact that this type of aerator does not open up the soil as much compared to the rolling variant, thus seeing a lesser growth of the roots.

Details, details, details!

When using plug lawn aerators, always make sure you use them at least once every 1-3 years, although this is also quite dependent on the condition of your lawn. Besides, not all types of grass is the same, since there are some types which may tend to mat together, thus preventing any water, fertilizers or even a healthy dose of sunlight to ever penetrate the soil. You would find out that, clay soil may compact rather tightly, which results in poor drainage, whereas sandy soil won’t require as much aeration. Apart from that, you will need to take note that aeration works through the exposure of soil to air, which is the very reason why your lawn looks thick, green and plush. When you feel that your lawn is looking healthy enough, you might want to purchase some aeration shoes for yourself. These actually look like sandals, but the soles resemble that of soccer shoes, since they have an array of triangular spikes which can penetrate the soil, thus allowing for better exposure to all kinds of nutrients. These are also beneficial for people who like to take nice strolls in their lawn several times in a week, since they provide the benefits of exercising and are a continual, albeit less powerful, way of providing aeration to your lawn.

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