Precision Products 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper

Today we’re looking at the Precision Products 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper

•    26-inch walk-behind lawn sweeper; 6-cubic foot capacity
•    Walk behind and push to quickly sweep up trimmings and leaves
•    Height adjustment for different uses; 5-to-1 gear ratio
•    90-day limited warranty; assembly required

This Precision Products push lawn sweeper is another one of the cheaper options in the push category. Priced just over the Yardwise 25”, this sweeper gives just one more inch of width. Most feel this product is a constructed with a little more sturdy material than other bands in this low-end push category. Constructed with a power-coated steel tube frame resulting in better durability then others. Most felt this product performed well under most circumstances.
With 6 cubic feet of hamper capacity, this lawn sweeper will fill up fast, but still makes quick work of most yard debris and lawn trimmings. Featuring two 8 inch pneumatic aluminum wheels, which is a feature not often found on these less expensive models.

Easy to assemble (some assembly required) and has the standard height adjustment options. One nice feature is the 5 to 1 gear ratio which eases the amount of effort and greater torque to keep the brushes moving. The 6 cubic feet capacity hamper equals out to about twelve fills or sweeper-loads to fill one of those 30 gallon collapsible lawn buckets. As with most push lawn sweepers of this size, they common complaint is people wish it would hold more, but that’s also a trade-off you face with the push versus tow-behind and lower price points.

Most complaints about the Precision Products 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper was with the company and not the performance of the product. Complaints were that the company did not respond to emails or that the product arrived damaged, missing parts, or parts that were supposed to be attached upon arrival and weren’t.
Based on what we’ve seen however, I would give this product a try. The simplicity of design makes it attractive and overall a good deal for the price. Most felt the product lived up to what it was advertised to do and felt it saved them valuable time. Not to mention the back!

Again, as with most lawn sweepers, this product works best when used soon after the lawn has been mowed. Which sometimes seems like it defeats the purpose but if you mow a lot and can keep most leaves off the lawn asap, these work nice.

Best Quailities: Low price, we found for around $112, simply design
Bad Qualities: Company response to support issues, low hamper capacity (again, an understood trade off)

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