The Best Blower Mulcher – Choosing a leaf mulcher and leaf vacuum shredder

We’ve talked a lot about leaf and lawn vacuums here on best lawn sweeper. Personally I’ve tried a lot of different blower mulcher combos and currently own a Ryobi model which I’m not totally in love with… it’s hard to start always and will be looking at something different this year. In looking for a leaf mulcher, we’ve considered the idea of a battery powered or cordless model. I own a battery powered trimmer which works well for my sized yard but when thinking about a blower mulcher either gas or electric is more than likely something I’ll go with. Over and over we’ve seen and heard from the folks at Worxs tools. Not only about their amazing lithium powered products and eco friendly designs and features, but from satisfied owners as well. In researching the best blower mulcher we could find, the TriVac consistently comes up in our list so it will be the first one we look at here.

With that said and before we get into a full-blown leaf mulcher review below, let’s look at what makes up the basics of a blower mulcher or commonly referred to as a leaf vacuum shredder.

First off, the blower capacity is something to consider. With the advent of the lithium batteries and voltages going well over 18 and 20 volts now, power is less of a concern even with battery powered blowers. With that said, many till prefer to go with the gas or electric models. Depending on your preference, the best blower mulcher for you may depend on how energy and environmentally conscience you are. For me, I hate lugging around a cord, however, I also hate the hassle of mixed fuels, hard starts, and the noise… I like listening to my iPod when working in the yard and so loud gas engines cuts into my serenity. So for me, going electric or battery powered is my preference going forward. Back to the blower capacity. Generally you can expect a range from 150-170 or even higher MPH for a gas powered blower. With that said, some electric blowers deliver higher MPH, as much as 265 MPG on a 12 amp moter. So don’t believe that you’re going to get more MPH with gas, that’s just not the case.

When looking at the leaf mulcher part, the main part is the impeller. Most prefer a metal impeller but it has also been found that even though plastic impellers may chip, metal ones can become bent and damaged just as easily if hitting a lot of small rocks. Recommendations and mileage vary on the type of impeller so we don’t have the best of recommendation there. However, the mulcher part is nice when vacuuming leaves as most compost them down to at least a 1/10 of their original size. If you like me and hate raking leaves, this is a major plus. As far as the vacuum goes, and leaf shredder for that matter, obviously the more amps the better for sucking power, however, many times the design of the bag and intake mechanism will have just as much to do with how well the leaf vacuum shredder performs. The shape and design of the intake tube makes a big difference and weight balance can be affected as well. Since you’re going to be carrying your blower mulcher around the yard, it helps if the design is ergonomically friendly.

WORX Tools TriVac

Why buy a separate electric blower, vacuum, and mulcher when you can get all three in one with the WORX TriVac. By purchasing an electric rather than gas model, you will be doing your part for the environment. The neighbors will appreciate the quiet operation of this lightweight, compact device. The 12-amp motor provides enough power to blow debris at 210 mph. Adjust the airflow to navigate around delicate flowerbeds and plants. Switch modes and vacuum up to 14 gallons of dry leaves per minute, with a mulch ratio of 10 to 1.

Since the angled tube is integrated, there are no other components to haul. The angle makes it easy to clean under bushes, furniture, and cars. When it is time to empty the nylon collector bag, the quick connect coupler makes the process fast. To free clogs from the tool, just press a button to open the impeller housing. The durable ABS plastic construction can withstand years of rough use.


The WORX TriVac weighs 8.4 pounds, 12.5 pounds packaged.

The WORX Tools TriVac includes:

  • 12-amp blower, mulcher, and vacuum tool
  • Quiet operation (approximately 70 decibels)
  • Flip a switch to convert between vacuum and blower
  • More eco-friendly than gas models
  • Angled tube provides access to storm drains or under bushes and porches
  • Lightweight, compact design enables single-handed vacuum and blower operation
  • No extra tubes to haul
  • Ergonomic design, soft grip handles
  • Blows debris at 210 mph
  • Vacuums dry leaves at up to 14 gallons per minute
  • 10 to 1 mulch ratio
  • Adjustable airflow for working in delicate areas
  • Nylon 1.5 bushel collector bag with easy-empty feature via quick-connect coupler
  • Clean tool by pushing button to open impeller housing
  • ABS plastic construction
  • Full two-year warranty
  • Consumers Digest Best Buy


With the WORX TriVac, you get a powerful electric blower, mulcher, and vacuum in one device. This electric tool is more environmentally friendly than a gas version and it features a compact, lightweight design. Only one hand is needed to operate the blower and the vacuum and the functions can be changed with the flip of a switch.

Since the tool weighs only 8.4 pounds, it can be used by any adult. Soft grip handles and an ergonomic design enable comfortable operation. The angled tube is integrated, so there are no extra parts to haul. It is easy to get under bushes, furniture, the porch, and the car to get debris, tasks made much more difficult by tools with non-angled tubes.

The powerful 12-amp motor makes quick work of the yard duties. Blow debris at 210 mph or vacuum dry leaves at 14 gallons per minute with a 10 to 1 mulch ratio. Turn down the power by adjusting the airflow, enabling delicate work in flowerbeds and around other plants. The nylon collector bag holds 1.5 bushels and is easily emptied via the quick-connect coupler. If debris gets stuck, just push a button to open the impeller housing and clean the tool. The durable ABS plastic construction and full two-year warranty ensure years of use.

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