The Lawn Aerator Guide

Most people enjoy looking at a beautiful, lush outdoor area. For us lawn lovers, we realize the strong connection between relaxation and green grass. Outdoor space accentuated by beautiful colors of green is inviting; welcoming you to walk and play on the grass or simply sit down and enjoy the view. A nice outdoor space evokes a sense of relaxation and enables people to connect with nature. Enjoyment of and creating a luscious green space are two separate things. The lawn aerator can be helpful in creating the foundation for a lush green outdoor space to be enjoyed; of course with a little effort.

The aerator, when used properly, creates an environment for grass to grow and flourish. The lawn aerator creates small holes in the ground so soil, water and nutrients can do their work freely; which can be hindered from years of growth and compacted soil and roots. Of course there are different types of soil depending on where you live; lawn aeration can be effective regardless of soil type.  Moreover, the commonality of all healthy grass is good nutrition and a sufficient amount of water. An aerator works by creating holes in the ground, loosening the soil which allows water and nutrients to better do what they naturally want. Earthworms can also move around and naturally do their part of helping your grass to grow organically. An aerated lawn makes everyone happy!

A yard can be checked to see if it needs to have a lawn aerator used by taking a sharp instrument (I like to use a large flat head screwdriver) and sticking it into the grown on a fairly dry day. If the screwdriver sticks into the ground easily and without effort the yard is probably in good shape. This means there is sufficient room for water to soak into the earth and the nutrients are more able move around and help grow healthy grass. On the other hand, if the screwdriver or instrument has to be forced or does not easily go into the ground, the earth is too hard to grow rich, vibrant grass. When the earth is too hard, the water and nutrients simply wash away and roll off the surface, instead of soaking into the root system to encourage growth. A good aeration treatment will help this condition and allow the yard to grow healthy green grass like it naturally wants to. Regardless of whether your ground is hard, it never hurts to aerate your lawn once a year or every few years.

If a yard is small, something as simple as lawn aeration shoes can be worn to create the holes in the soil.  Simply strap the device on you shoes and start walking. What a great way to get some exercise and a green lawn right! This creates the holes for the soil to breathe again. However, this method is not as effective or efficient if you have a large lawn.

With a large area it is easier to use a rolling aerator or a manual aerator. There is really not a right and wrong way to aerating a lawn. It is often a matter of preference. Some people like to do it themselves and other people would rather hire a professional to carry out the service. Rental aerators are even available. Some aerators are to be pushed by hand and others are power driven. Often the size of the lawn will influence the decision on which type is best to use. If a lawn is very large, it is often best to have a motor driven aerator for ease of use. From experience I can tell you that even though your lawn may seem small, a hand held aerator can work, but will be a chore. I used to have a fairly small lawn and one fall used the hound dog turf aerator and ended up with serious blisters. The Turf Hound Aerator is a small device with two hollow pipes that you step on and then pull out of the lawn. You can use it all over your lawn at your own pace but it does take some sweat and be sure to wear a good pair of leather gloves.

A hollow tine aerator works a little different by removing a plug of the ground instead of push down to create a hole. Many people prefer this method as they feel it allows more space for growth, roots and nourishment to work and grow. There are several different types of hollow tine types which can be pushed or pulled behind a lawn tractor. These are most often found and referred to as a rolling lawn aerator.

The important thing to aerate lawn is to be certain that the lawn is receiving the much needed opening up. Check to see that the holes are being made. Some people weigh down the hand operated models to create a deeper hole.  While the holes left from lawn aerators are visible for a short period of time after a treatment, it does not take long for the lawn to fill in again. The lawn aerator enables the lawn to get back to the green and lush look that makes people happy.

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