What You Need to Know About the Manual Aerator

For someone who takes pride in their property, it’s absolutely frustrating to see your lawn riddled with all sorts of debris, right after summers. Several leaves are found scattered all over your backyard, and you are equipped with only a rake to try and get rid of them. This is a task that will surely consume a lot of your time; time which you can dedicate to other important matters in the household such as cleaning the kitchen after cooking a day’s worth of meals for your family, or even looking out for the kids when the babysitter’s currently out of town. Seeing your lawn look like it was the victim of a small bushfire (of course, this is with utmost exaggeration), and it would seem like your next option is to call up gardening services to get rid of this problem once and for all. However, autumn is most likely not the only season you’ll see these leaves taking up a lot of space on your property, so you can’t really expect to give the gardening service company a call every time without you spending so much of your savings. Instead, what you should look to do is, purchase a manual aerator.

What is it?

A lawn aerator can prove to be very helpful in keeping your lawn look great and healthy. It serves the purpose of allowing water, air and important nutrients to penetrate through the soil in your lawn and reach deep into the roots of the grass. This would serve as an ideal tool of your lawn shows any signs of compaction, thus giving you the opportunity to restore it to its once vibrant state. You can easily find two kinds of lawn aerators being sold in the market these days, either a power or a manual lawn aerator. These possess long handles as well as prongs which are attached to the bottom part, requiring you to hold the handles while pushing the prongs to the ground, the latter executed as you step on the cross piece. The number of prongs may actually vary depending on the model you purchase.

Who can use it?

The manual plug aerator is designed for people who one cannot expect to use the rake, that task alone being time consuming and infuriating enough. The manual plug aerator provides much convenience, although it can still take some time before you can move on to other household chores. However, it goes without saying that in order to use a lawn aerator, one should be prepared for quite a task, since you will need to have enough stamina to work with it, even though your lawn may actually be the size of half a professional basketball court.

What are the benefits?

The manual hand aerator makes it easier for you to clean your lawn, and is definitely less expensive compared to the power variants. Aside from that, you also get to dedicate enough time on working on specific areas of your lawn without feeling so much as a hint of frustration compared to any other gardening tool. Also, you can work on corners or other areas which are generally hard to reach when you’re using large pieces of equipment.

When can you use it?

The aerator works best when used once during fall, and never during summer time, as it can damage your lawn’s condition considering how extreme the temperature can get during this season. You should also use the aerator when the weeds are non-prevalent. Neglecting to do so may cause your lawn to experience weed infestation, which would be a ghastly sight.

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