Yardwise 25″ Sweep It Push Yard Sweeper

Technical specs:

  • Super Grabbing Brushes Picks up Debris on Natural and Hard Surfaces
  • Easy Dial-in Height Adjustments insures Maximum Performance for all Conditions
  • 30 Gallon Easy to Remove and Dump Basket, Lifts Off in One Motion
  • Folds Down and Stores in Small Spaces

The main consensus on this Lawn Sweeper is that it’s cheap. But hey, you get what you pay for right? Most users found this product adequate for their needs but wished they had something with a bigger hamper capacity. The Yardwise 25″ Lawn Sweeper has a 30 gallon capacity which fills up quickly for most jobs. This is a push model which means it’s manually pushed by the user.

As with most Lawn Sweepers, this model does require some assembly but most people seem to think its not a hard chore. One reoccurring comment was the amount of plastic on the product except for the metal handles.

The Yardwise 25″ gained great reviews on the storing ability. It folds down and is easily stored with small spaces. Also featured is the height adjustment which allows the user to dial it in for optimal height.

Most felt the item was exactly what they were looking for after purchase. Even though it was all plastic but felt it would hold up well for many years if stored properly. Although some reviews seemed to notice it did not pick up all the leaves (but we’re not sure how many of these lawn sweepers really do pick up everything!, come on, it’s a lawn not your living room). With that said, even if it picks up “most” of the leaves it still beats raking them all. And heck, just mow the rest of them along with the grass. The majority of users feel the product works for the intended purpose. As with most lawn sweepers, it takes a while to learn how to get the settings (height) adjustments set just right. Too low and it’s too hard to push, too high and it’s not going to pick up anything.

Best qualities: Low Price, we found it for $99, Ease of Assembly, easy to use, very lightweight.
Bad qualities: Plastic construction, low hamper capacity.

This lawn sweeper can be found pretty much anywhere online or check with your local lawn and garden retailers. Many online retailers also offer free-shipping so check for that to save some serious dough!


J November 8, 2009 at 2:02 am

Cheap usless piec o’ crap

J November 8, 2009 at 2:03 am

Oh I forgot, overpriced too.

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